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2012 SaltGeeks Swap


  • 2012 SaltGeeks Swap

    SaltGeeks and Coral Cove have teamed up to bring you the 2012 SaltGeeks' Frag Swap

    Coral Cove in Englewood Ohio
    442 S. Main Street
    Englewood, Ohio 45322

    June 9, 2012 starting at 12:00 PM

    NO ENTRANCE FEE!!! This is Free to Attend

    Who is invited:
    Everyone is welcome

    What is this swap about:
    This is a true swap. You bring a coral and take a different one home. You do not have to bring a coral to swap, there will be specials from the host Store!

    How it will work:
    If you want to participate in the swap activity (totally optional, but FREE) then bring 1 to 3 items/frags of something you want to put into the “pot”. Please bring something nice to swap Zoa’s, Shrooms, Acans, LPS, SPS, etc. For each item you bring, you get a number. If you bring 3 items you get 3 numbers, etc. We will have two separate areas, one for SPS and one for all other corals. You come up to the tank when your number is called and pick 1 item from the tank. You go home with something different then you came with. We will start the swapping at 1:00PM

    What optional items do you need to bring:
    Frags, Storage Containers to take home your new frags, money in case you want to take advantage of the great Store Specials during the swap and for the raffle.

    Raffle Sponsors:

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