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Moving - 200 Gallon Display

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  • Moving - 200 Gallon Display

    Sadly I am breaking down and moving on. This setup has been up and running since 2005. It has been moved 2 times over the years. It spent its first 6 years in Texas and was an alternate for Reef Central TOTM in 2009. It was moved to Ohio in 2011 and was set up as a stable SPS tank for the last 5 years. I have sold all of the corals over the last year in anticipation of this move except for a huge rock with neon green hair mushrooms. I will consider Parting out the live rock and fish all at the same time but for the rest of it, I would like to sell it all in one transaction.
    Best offer - This system must go.

    Please feel free to email, text, or call

    Jed - 937-530-0533

    200 Gallon display with bilateral side box overflows and closed loop
    Blueline 100 for closed loop
    Blueline 50 for return
    Pan world pump for refugium
    Ocean Runner sump inline pump
    40 gallon refugium
    60 gallon Acrylic Sump with miracle mud
    PM Bullet Skimmer rated for 500 gallons - Blueline 50 pump
    3 X 250 Watt MH Ballasts with Lumen Bright mogul reflectors.
    2 X 1/2 horsepower chillers
    DeNitrate reactor
    Hamilton 2 X 150 Watt MH with PC actinic fixture over the refugium/grow out tank.
    2 Bulk Reef Supply dosing pumps for calcium/Alk
    1 Milwaukee PH controller
    1 American Marine Pinpoint PH controller (These were run in concert with calcium reactor and tank PH control)
    1 Calcium reactor
    1 Avast Marine Kalkwasser reactor
    1 Lifeguard aquatics triple mechanical filter
    1 Lifeguard aquatics triple chemical filter
    1 Lifeguard aquatics 98 watt UV Sterilizer
    1 Lifeguard aquatics 15 watt aqua step UV Sterilizert
    Python cleaning hose with sink attachemen
    Huge box of supplements, spare parts, modded maxi jet pumps, an Ozone controller.

    300 lbs of BRS Pukani Live Rock

    Yellow belly Blue Tang
    Yellow Tang
    Flame Hawk
    Mated pair designer clowns (Male Picasso A++, Female Onyx)
    Bangii Cardinal
    Cleaner Wrasse
    Lawnmower Blennie