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  • Near tank crash

    I haven't been active on here in some time due to a recent deployment, that said while I was gone my poor wife was unable to maintain my tank that well. I lost pretty much all of my sps, which was a pretty extensive collection of monti plates and an assortment of others. The good news is all but 1 of my fish made it and I am working to keep my lps alive. The tank is finally back to great parameters across the board and I am hoping to rebuild my coral stock. Anything that people are willing to give up on the cheap would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome back, sadly I do not have any montipora anymore or I would help you out. Let us know if you need anything else.


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      My monti. Died off during my tank crash. If you come across some let me know. I'd like to start it again.


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        I absolutely will, I don't necessarily need monti I just need to replenish what was in their spot. So I am open to anything but mainly sps/lps