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    Cultured saltwater fish have made leaps and bounds in the last few years and I hope indo fish donít stop flowing out until we have a better variety bred in captivity. Coral wise I would support the import of only mariculture corals if it came to that. Unfortunately for the people exporting many will probably go under.

    It it will be interesting to see how larger companies like liveaquaria handles this. If you ever watch divers den you know they sell a lot of corals from Indonesia. I bet they make a transition to mostly Australia and US cultured corals.

    I need to to get moving on my 65 before I canít get fish or corals for it!


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      The industry might change to micro coral shops in house/home fragging and trading because of this. Just as long as it does not become illegal to do that. Fish will be the hard part as many do not breed in captivity yet. Wonder if the invert trade will change too.


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        Fish prices will increase. Right now United is no longer carrying fish, if other airlines follow them we will not get fish in the US unless it's grown here. We are starting to see that happen but not on the scale it would need to be. Coral should not be an issue to get. most inverts could be hard to get.

        Time to go freshwater.


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          Iím planning one more large order after vacation from live aquaria then Iím done with the saltwater hobby. Iíll keep at it for the orders life span then shut it down after. If I get back into fresh water Iíll probably down size. Itís a shame the saltwater home hobby was making break through where it could help with conservation but the Miss guided just are to focused on an agenda to see that. The sad thing is their efforts are waisted itís not the aquarium industry killing everything. Their shutting down the only hope for keeping some species alive for decades to come.