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    Nothing happening lately, just picking up a pieces of the puzzle here and there. My diamond hole saws wonít be in until worst case late December. This should give me time to run some plugs drywall and paint. Not sure if my funds will be up enough to order lights before the end of the year but itís a possibility.


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      Amazon showed up with a cheap low profile led light for the refugium this evening. It will be interesting to see how it performs. The hot head card is for some size reference because i was surprised how small the driver was.


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        A quick update

        So lost a few pieces of coral due to temperature dropping too low on the 30g holding tank. Once I realized and fixed the issue but the damage was done on a few pieces. I may also need more heating power in the basement than I originally thought...

        on some better notes the electric is run on the wall and I just need to do some drywall work. The drill bits for the overflow arrived but Iíve been slacking on drilling. The cheap amazon light seems to grow cheato well on the 30g holding tank.