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  • Aiptasia

    So, Jacks pets is shutting down all their saltwater aquariums as we all know. Springfield just went on their huge 50% off Sale and I decided to jump on it and buy a ton of rock. I just upgraded my wife's 26 bowfront to a 75g long. Here's the issue im now facing. My tank is finally cycled (after losing a few wonderful friends) and I at first glance I was like well hell yeah I made out like a bandit, I've got like 20+ feather dusters from the rock I purchased. These guys hooked it up!... Not so much. It's aiptasia and it's already beginning to become ridiculous. I'd like to get me a nice batch of berghia nudi's and take these bad boys out for good. Does anyone breed or know of someone who breeds berghia that isn't going to charge me 30 bucks per. I need like 10 or 15. Will be happy to return them to the owner once the outbreak is handled. Maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks in advance