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Ecoxotic LED Stunner Strips

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  • Ecoxotic LED Stunner Strips

    After having seen these in action at Coral Cove (along with the newly released Panorama Pro), I think these might be the answer I have been looking for in regards to supplemental light on the outer edges of my 40 breeder, where the single AI Sol just can't send a focused beam.

    Since I don't need a full lighting solution, the Panorama Pro isn't necessary, especially at nearly twice the price; however, I am excited about both of these products, and the flexibility they offer to the reef hobbyist.

    Further consideration is on the color spectrum I would want. On top of the normal whites, blues, and royal blues, magenta and UV are available. In order to boost color, I'm seriously considering the UV strips, but I am also interested in what the magenta-inclusive configurations would do for the tank...

    Decisions, decisions...

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    Very nice decision for supplemental lighting in a small area G!!


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      Unfortunately it will be a few months out, still, but these seem to make the most sense for my particular application.