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  • NEW FOOD: Cobalt

    Dr. Foster and Smith is carrying a new food. It's called Cobalt. Most of the foods look like they're for freshwater, but the Spirulina can be used for either fresh or salt. Cobalt is buy one get one free until the 16th. Dr. Foster and Smith is asking for their Facebook fans to try the food for 2 weeks and review it. If you try it, please review it here as well. I'm going to try the Spirulina (for my saltwater and goldfish) and maybe the goldfish type (for my goldfish).

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    I decided to try the Cobalt Spirulina. I will not be feeding this food exclusively, because I have meat eaters too, but I will be using this as my only herbivore food for the next two weeks.

    Day 1.
    The fish are eating it. They seem to be really excited about it. More so than the Ocean Nutrition Spirulina.


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      Sorry I haven't been around much. Personal family things going on. Anyway, here's my review for days 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6:

      The fish still love the food. They gobble it up. I haven't seen any differences in the fish, they eat other high quality foods normally, so I didn't really expect to see a difference. I am happy they haven't gotten tired of it.


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        Days 7th and 8th

        Fish are getting a little more picky. Some eat it. Some ignore it.