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What size pump??

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  • What size pump??

    Not sure what I have now but looking for a new pump for my 125 gallon. How big should it be? GPH?

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    I try to go as small as possible. This allows more contact for you sumps water with skimmer/refugium etc.
    This has always worked for me. Maybe around 2-3x turn over rate of the display.


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      So just 375 gph pump?


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        How many gph does your skimmer process? You want right around that much, but We generally recommend 3-5 x display size after vertical head loss as a good start point if your not sure on the skimmer.

        As an example a quietone 4000 is rated at 1017gph with no head pressure, but after 6ft of vertical head you are only pumping around 550gph. Hope this helps. The gph a pump is rated to at 0ft of head is usually worthless unless using for a closed loop. Refer to manufacture flow charts.


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          My2pennies: Consider the size of your sump also, I can not remember your sump size, but I would never turn over more than 10 times my sump. That being said, I use a bigger return pump and T some of the flow to my fuge.