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keeping clams?

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  • keeping clams?

    I go into a fish store and see these amazing colorful clams. i am told that you need high metal hilides in order to keep clams? Although i have read and also seen on youtube some videos of some people keeping them under t5 lighting.
    So i am wondering what u all think of this? I am realitivley new to the hobby about 1 year would love to have a clam but have learned my lessons already in jumping into something before researching? so any advice would be great!!!!

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    derasa clams can be kept under T5s.
    You maybe able to keep any of the clams species depending on were the clam is put in the tank.
    Some like to be on rocks so you could put them high.

    You will also need a way to keep your Calcium Level in check, this babies will use up alot of Calcium


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      thanks for the quick reply


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        Glad to see someone doing the proper research ahead of time! So many times the thread reads "I bought this clam a couple weeks ago and now it is looking bad what do I do?" Of course it it almost always too late by then! Good luck in your research and I agree with the advice Eric has given you for what that is worth.


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          I keep clams under very powerful LEDs. They do awesome and my clams are huge.