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  • Hey everyone

    How is everyone doing? I am just checking in to see how everyone is. I have been noticing a trend of people moving to Facebook for help with their tanks. I have noticed a few other forums restructuring to use less of their forums and more Facebook.What do you guys think?

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    Still here. Just not much activity with tank to talk about. The cream angel is still the boss of the tank.


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      Good to hear on the Angel


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        Hello. As I am new to the forum I'll post a little about my new build. As I said in my previous thread, I have been out of the game for about 8 years and with the help of the owner of Corals Galore, I have a custom build set up and getting ready to cycle it. I got it filled up today and clearing the dust right now. It is pretty much exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be more excited. I'll post some pics in the appropriate thread in just a bit.....


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          Hey, peeps! Been a long time. Stopping by to see how
          things are going. Came across this thread, and thought I'd comment. Currently down to. 20H planted F/W and back in school, so no reef excitement currently. Eric, I do wonder if since so many people spend so much time on FB it might not make sense to figure out how to leverage it for the good of the club...


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            We have a page on Facebook, several clubs have moved to facebook instead of forums like this one. It something I have been thinking about lately