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Drilling for a sump/refugium

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  • Drilling for a sump/refugium

    I have been trying to sell my 110g tank for awhile, to get a bigger drilled tank for my reef system, when my wife asked why I didn't just have the 110 drilled and use it.....I hate it when she's smarter than me...So I have some questions. I know pretty much nothing about sumps/refugiums other than the purpose. I'm pretty sure my 110 x-high AGA is only tempered at the bottom, and I was told that drilling isn't too difficult (with the right tip of course). What are your opinions? Is it easy enough vs the risk? I have a few 5g and 10gs I could practice on. Also, is there any big importance where to place the hole in the back? Lower/higher, ect? Any info is appreciated!

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    talk to joel at coral cove. he can drill it too


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      I didn't really want to load it up and drive an hour each way to engle wood


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        Worth the drive to have it done right. He did mine


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          i was gonna have him drill my new 125 gal, but since im using it for freshwater right now i will empty it when i change to saltwater anyway. ill gladly let a professional do it rather than me turn an aquarium into a pile of crumbled glass


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            You can just buy the drill bits glassholes website sells them


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              Talk to Joel. He can give you a run down and sells the guids and bits plus you can pick up your bulk heads etc while your their. My thoughts are I drilled my 150 but after talking to someone who gave me a crash course and it was pretty easy pending diy/handy person skills etc. Having a drilled tank with a sump will open you to an entire new world of possibilities.

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